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Yearly Decoration Charms

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Oh, just imagine it—a twinkling Christmas tree adorned with ornaments that tell a story. A story of joy, growth, and cherished family moments. That's exactly the magical experience our Yearly Decoration Charms aim to bring into your home. ✨

What's inside the bag?

Inside each set, you'll find 18 delightful charms, starting with the year your little one was born or the first year you began this heartwarming tradition. And yes, the next 17 charms chronologically celebrate each year that follows. Isn't that something special? ? 

Our Yearly Decoration Charms come without ribbon or twine, giving you the creative freedom to coordinate them with your own festive theme. Whether you fancy a luxurious velvet ribbon, a rustic twine, or a shiny metallic cord, the choice is all yours. ✨

It's All About the Details

With a snug 2cm diameter, each charm is just the perfect size to snuggle up next to your ornaments, making them even more meaningful. And guess what? You've got a rainbow of 14 vivid colours to choose from! One colour per set, however you can choose one a different colour for each child.

All tags arrive in a cute little bag so you can keep the unused ones safe until you need them.

Build a Tradition

Can you picture it? Your child gleefully picking a new ornament each Christmas and securing it with that year's charm. A tactile, visual memory of the joy and excitement of the festive season, year after year. Trust us, when your tree is not just decorated but "personalised," it turns into a chronicle of love and milestones.

Safety First!

While these charms are bursting with enchantment, remember, they're not toys. They are small and could be a choking hazard. Always keep them out of the reach of little ones or anyone prone to putting objects in their mouths.

So, are you ready to add a sprinkle of tradition and a dash of personalisation to your holiday décor? These Yearly Decoration Charms are the perfect blend of imagination and expertise, designed with absolute love and care.

Let's make every Christmas a scrapbook of magical moments, shall we?

Cheers to making the holidays even more magical!