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CENSORED (OVER 18 Cake Toppers) Funny Cake Toppers - Naughty, Cheeky and Rude Cake Toppers too!

If you’re a little tongue in cheek, enjoy dropping the occasional f-bomb or just get a kick out of naughty adult humor then this section has you covered! Our 18+ toppers are not for the faint of heart!

Do you and your crew party like rock stars with the vocabulary of sailors? A little tongue in cheek, our rather rude Censored party range has funny cake toppers with a side of humour.

These cake decorations are naughty, funny, cheeky, and some are a more than a little rude. Go on and have a look, you know you want to!

Warning: Rude words, naughty words, adult themes, inappropriate cake toppers, funny, vulgar, cheeky, censored, cake toppers and decorations are on this page. You name it. You've been warned!


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When Making Rude Birthday Cakes Calls for Rude Cake Toppers You Can Buy Online in Australia

A birthday is a great opportunity to poke some fun at life. And although you are celebrating a fun birthday, a year of friendship, if that birthday boy or girl is the irreverent, cheeky type, then a rude birthday cake might well be the best choice cake. When you are looking for an easy way to make a rude birthday cake, using a rude birthday cake topper makes it very easy indeed! Rudeness is something fun cake decorations convey well and with a certain panache. If you don't know what that means, look it up. How rude!


Rude Wedding Cakes Australia

Who says weddings need to be all about innocence and virtue? That might work for most people but if you aren't most people, then a rude wedding cake might be the wedding cake for you. Trouble is, to buy a rude wedding cake topper online isn't as easy as buying nice wedding cake toppers. are on this page. Rudeness is something we've all experienced from time to time so we've distilled all the rude words we could find and made rude wedding cake toppers online out of them. So there!



Rude Baby Shower Cakes

While the impending arrival of a new baby is certainly something to celebrate, sometimes people also like to poke a little fun at the impending life change. From being footloose and fancy free to being...well....pregnant! Some classic rude baby shower cake toppers for sale that we've made across the years are shown on this page, along with rude baby shower cake decorations you can buy online.


Fancy a Naughty Cake? You Might Need to Buy A Dirty Cake Topper Online

Benny Hill? Naughty. Ivor Biggun. Dirty. Australians? Definitely naughty. And we've evolved dirty, naughty humour to a whole new art form. And here we express it in cake toppers. If you want to make a dirty birthday cake we can probably help. A naughty birthday cake topper you can buy online in Australia for a number of suitably dirty birthday decorations are for sale on our Australian dirty cake topper website. No blushing!


Adult Birthday Cakes Toppers - Just A Little Inappropriate Cake Decorations

Warning: Adult words ahead. When we think about a cake for any celebration, common words that come to mind are things like ...beautiful....pretty....elegant....special....but what to do when you want to make an Adult Birthday Cake. You know what we mean. An Inappropriate Cake. Most professional cake makers have a few designs that suit this but if you are looking to make an inappropriate adult birthday cake yourself then a great place to start is to buy an inappropriate cake topper online. And that's where we come in. We make Adult cake toppers and inappropriate cake decorations online - as well as all the pretty, nice, thoroughly appropriate cake toppers that is. Have a look. Go on. You know you want to!


Making Fun of The Age You Are Turning - With a Funny Birthday Cake Topper

Let's not take life too seriously. After all, life is meant to be fun. So crack your birthday guests up with a funny birthday cake! This might be a surprise, but yes, we make funny birthday cake toppers which people use to make funny cakes with. So if you want to make fun of getting older, and want a funny cake topper to get the party started, you guessed it. Check out the hilarious cake decorations we sell online on this, our Australian website. Did we mention all of our toppers are made in Australia? We will get to that.


Perhaps You Would Prefer Something Fun - No Problems - Novelty Cake Toppers Are a Specialty

Forget everything we said. Be normal. Be just like everyone else. Second Be different. Be novel. No, not a book. Another way of being different is being novel, and to do that with a cake means novelty cake to buy a novelty cake topper. And yes. We make all kinds of cakes go from ordinary to way better than ordinary. With the clever use of colour, theme, material, and some seriously cheeky designs, your cake can be the awesome cake you want it to be.


Get Cheeky with Cheeky Birthday Cake Decorations - But not Vulgar!

The cheek! Which one? The left or the right? How vulgar! While many people assume the two words mean the same thing, there is a big difference between cheeky, and vulgar. Cheeky usually means light hearted rudeness. Some inappropriate humor perhaps. Vulgar just means common and nasty. So we make cheeky cake toppers for cheeky cakes for all kinds of events. Vulgar...not so much. From baby shower cakes to wedding cake toppers, cheeky is something we do well.



Wherever you need Australian Made Naughty Birthday Cake Toppers, Wedding Cake Toppers, Cheeky Baby Shower Decorations Made in Australia, we can help!

We are an Australian business, and of course, make all of our fun products right here in Melbourne, Australia. This means we can offer a fast turnaround, great customer service and a top quality product, made in Australia, unlike some websites that pretend to be Australian, but are really based overseas. We live in Australia and are an Australian online shopping website.

Whether you want to buy rude cake toppers Sydney, rude cake toppers Brisbane, rude cake toppers Melbourne, inappropriate cake toppers Sydney, or adult Cake toppers Melbourne, we can help. Our online shop delivers inappropriate and rude cake toppers all over the world, and especially funny adult cake toppers to Australia.


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Australia wide delivery from Melbourne including Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Geelong, Wollongong, Newcastle, Gold Coast and more


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  • Double layered OMFG? Im X age cake topper Cake Topper Acrylic colour chart

    Double Layered Cake Topper - OMFG I'm How Old?

    Birthday Cake Topper - OMFG I'm How Old? Custom Age OMFG, you’re HOW old? Don't fret - you may not be able to help getting older, but you don’t have to get old. And remember, wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been! This cheeky cake...

  • Still Sexy AF Cake Topper Cake Topper Colour Chart

    Cake Topper - Still Sexy AF (custom age)

    Birthday Cake Topper with Age - Still Sexy AF You're way too sexy to let your age be anything other than just a number, you're STILL SEXY AF! Our cake topper decoration even says so!  Personalised age number. Customised in your choice of colour...

    $19.95 - $34.95
  • Personalize Your Celebration with Custom UV Printed Cake Topper - Available in Bamboo or Acrylic Cake Topper Colour Chart "UV Printed Cake Topper Samples: Explore the Possibilities Sneak Peek: UV Printed Cake Topper Samples for Your Inspiration UV Printed Cake Topper Sampler: Discover the Artistry

    Custom UV Printed Cake Topper

    "Custom UV Printed Cake Topper," your ultimate solution to personalise your celebratory moments. Your cake is your canvas, and we are here to help bring your artistic vision to life. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, or a corporate event, we've got you...

  • Love & Shit Cake Topper Wedding Cake Topper Colour Chart

    Cake Topper - Love & Shit

    Do you feel a little bit uncomfortable when you have to express your feelings? Does that discomfort double when it’s announcing your love to a group of people, say, at an engagement party or for an anniversary celebration? Say no more - we got you...

    $19.95 - $34.95
  • Fucking Finally Engagement Cake topper Wedding Cake Topper Colour Chart

    Cake Topper - Fucking Finally

    Have you been waiting for your other half to pop the question since FOREVER? Maybe your wedding was delayed due to the big C and you’re FINALLY getting hitched to your soulmate. Either way, this Fucking Finally engagement party cake topper or...

    $19.95 - $34.95
  • Funny rude finger cake topper for adult birthday cakes and cheeky event cake topper colour chart

    Cake Topper - Novelty Rude Finger

    The rude finger cake topper is a total hit for birthday people with attitude. If you know someone who loves to be a little bit cheeky, this adult-themed middle finger cake topper will make their day! Not only for birthdays, but this rude finger cake...

    $19.95 - $34.95
  • Covid Fucked my Birthday cake topper. Covid Fucked my 21st Birthday Cake Decoration. Buy online with Afterpay, PayPal or Card COVID FK'D My 30th Birthday Cake Topper COVID FK'D My 50th Birthday Cake Topper cake topper colour chart

    COVID Cake Topper - COVID Fk'd My Birthday

    Covid Fucked My Birthday Cake Topper - Covid Fucked My Birthday Happy Birthday Cake Decoration Did the pandemic ruin your birthday? There’s nothing left to do but laugh at the world lately, and this cheeky and humorous COVID themed birthday cake...

    $19.95 - $34.95
  • Mini Eighteen 18 Cake Topper Mini Eighteen 18 Cake Topper Mini Twenty-One 21 Cake Topper Mini Twenty-One 21 Cake Topper Mini Thirty 30 Cake Topper

    Mini Milestone Birthday Cake Toppers with Age

    Celebrating a milestone birthday in quarantine? We’re sorry. Let us make it better with a beautiful mini cake topper, perfect for your cakes feeding no more than two additional guests outside of your household. If you’re celebrating a...

  • Mini Happy Birthday Cake Topper Cake Topper for mini cakes Mini Happy Birthday Cake Topper for Mini Cakes Mini Happy Birthday Cake Topper for Mini Cakes

    Mini Happy Birthday Cake Topper for Mini Cakes

    As much as we all think we’re up for the challenge of eating an entire birthday cake, the fact is we are probably going to waste it. Small birthday cakes for quarantine birthdays with no more than two guests are all the rage right now, and these...

  • Sorry Corona Virus F*cked Your Birthday Cake Topper Sorry Corona Virus Ruined Your Birthday Cake Topper Mini Corona Virus Cake Topper

    Mini Corona Virus Cake Topper

    Unless you were born in January, Coronavirus probably fucked your birthday - or ‘ruined it’, if you’re a little less sharp with your tongue. The good news is, there’s a bit of humour in acknowledging that, and we’ve placed...

  • Queen Scrag birthday cake topper - Funny Personalised Birthday Cake Decoration. Laser cut in Melbourne Australia cake topper colour chart

    Queen Scrag Birthday Cake Toppers - with Name & Age

    Personalised Queen Scrag Birthday Cake Topper Cake Decoration Customised With Your Name And Age. Be the Scrag you are meant to be and celebrate your scragginess with a cake topper that shouts it out! Our Queen Scrag Birthday Cake Topper is just the...

    $24.95 - $44.95
  • Unique photo stands Fun personalised photo stands / gifts

    Photo Acrylic Stand / Pic Pops - Your Photo!

    Looking for something unique and fun?  Have your photo printed double sided onto acrylic with it's own little stand! No more boring photos lying around the house, Pic Pop them!  Each photo stands a whopping 20cm tall. Our photo acrylic Pic...

    $29.95 - $41.95
  • Photo acrylic cake toppers Your photo on an acrylic cake topper Small or Large photo arcylic cake toppers

    Photo Acrylic Cake Topper - Your Photo!

    Looking for something unique and fun?  Our photo acrylic cake toppers are printed double sided for that little extra WoW factor. Our designer Acrylic Cake Toppers are a fun, unique and stylish way to add your own finishing touch and...

    $29.95 - $41.95
  • This Party is Shit Cake Topper. Made in Australia This Party is Shit Green Glitter Cake Topper cake topper colour chart

    Cake Topper - This Party is Shit

    This Party is Shit Cake Topper You better get this party started with a head-turning, talking point. Our This Party is Shit cake topper decoration is sure to get people covering their mouths in disbelief over what they see adorning the top of your...

    $19.95 - $35.95
  • Fuck I'm Custom Age Cake Topper cake topper colour chart

    Cake Topper - F*ck I'm (Age)

    Cake Topper - F*ck I'm (Age) - Made in Australia - Buy With Afterpay, PayPal or Card   Most people are familiar with the saying "time flies".   We're probably all guilty of making promises to catch up with friends, or take that trip...

    $19.95 - $34.95
  • Same Penis Forever Hens Party Cake topper - rude, naughty cheeky penis themed cake decoration. Made in Australia cake topper colour chart

    Cake Topper - Same Penis Forever

    Same Penis Forever - Funny, Naughty Rude Hens or Bridal Shower Cake Topper The days are now limited before officially becoming a 'we' and committing to the same penis forever. Something to celebrate or something to cry about? You decide! Either way, this...

    $19.95 - $35.95
  • Pregnant AF Baby Shower Cake topper cake topper colour chart

    Cake Topper - Pregnant AF

    Baby Shower Pregnant AF Acrylic Cake Toppers are custom made to order. Funny Pregnant AF Baby Shower Cake Toppers are custom made to order. Our naughty Baby Shower Cake Toppers come in a variety of colours including a great range of tints...

    $19.95 - $33.95
  • Shit Just Got Real Wedding Cake Topper - Funny Saying Shit Got Real Wedding or Funny Engagement Cake Decoration. Made from laser cut acrylic or bamboo. Made in Melbourne Australia. Buy online with Afterpay, PayPal or card Cake topper or cake decoration colour chart

    Wedding Cake Topper - Shit Just Got Real

    Shit Just Got Real Wedding Cake Topper - Funny Engagement Cake Topper or Funny Wedding Cake Decoration   Time for a reality statement - and this is a biggie! Life doesn't get any more real than getting married, so why not say it like it is! Your...

    $19.95 - $34.95
  • Blow Me Cake Topper - Funny Cake Decoration - Made in Australia Blow Me Birthday Cake Topper Blow Me funny Birthday 
 cake topper colour chart

    Birthday Acrylic Cake Topper - Blow Me

    Sense of humor? Good! Our "Blow Me" cake topper decoration is very cheeky!   Blow Me - one of our funny birthday cake toppers, is made to order - perfect for your event theme Blow Me Birthday Cake Cake Toppers are made in acrylic or bamboo, and...

    $19.95 - $34.95
  • Custom acrylic cake topper - Made in Melbourne, Australia. Custom cake topper colour selection chart.

    Acrylic Cake Topper - Custom Order

    Cake Topper - Custom Order Acrylic Cake Decoration - Made in Melbourne.   Here at Little Dance, we are so very proud of the wide range of cake toppers and cake decorations we have created for our many wonderful customers over the years.   ...

    $44.95 - $49.95
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