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Birthday Cake Toppers Online in Australia - Including Custom Cake Toppers & Personalized Designs.

A custom cake topper for your cake on your birthday? We can help. Our birthday cake toppers range includes acrylic cake topper in loads of colours, fonts and styles to help you create the perfect custom made or personalised birthday cake topper. While happy birthday cake toppers are a popular theme, we have plenty of personalised birthday designs to choose from. Our acrylic cake topper and bamboo cake toppers include all kinds of themes such as name cake toppers, initials, sports and funny birthday cake toppers. Our custom cake toppers for sale online, you can order cake topper online and we will deliver anywhere in Australia. We have a large range of colours including gold mirror, silver mirror and glitter

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Happy Birthday - It's Your Big Day - Make Your Birthday Cake Toppers the best they can be.

At a birthday party, it's fair to say the cake gets a lot of attention. That's why the happy birthday cake toppers and birthday cake decorations need to be looking their best. Our personalised happy birthday cake toppers and custom cake toppers are made from top quality acrylic or bamboo. Our birthday cake toppers are lovingly packed to make sure that your custom cake toppers arrive at your event in top condition and looking great, wherever your event may be, from acrylic cake topper Melbourne, cake toppers Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth or other location. Anywhere you look for custom cake toppers Australia, we can help.


Sports Themes For Birthday Cake Toppers Australia

Sports are a central part of many people's lives. It comes as no surprise then that sports themed birthday cake toppers are a popular choice. We have sports themed birthday cake decorations for most popular sports, and many birthday cake topper designs can be customised with the age and name of the birthday person. If you would like to buy custom birthday cake toppers with a sports theme then we can help you buy acrylic or bamboo birthday cake toppers online. Imagine the reaction your special sportsperson will give when they see their name with their favourite sport or team! What are you waiting for - shop custom birthday cake toppers online Australia today!


Shop Themes for Birthday Cake Decorations and Birthday Cake Toppers

When planning a birthday party, having a theme is a popular choice. We love our custom birthday cake toppers so whatever the theme you choose, we have a themed cake topper or themed birthday cake decoration to suit. Our acrylic cake topper and acrylic cake decorations include impressive gold mirror Roman Numerals for a wedding, to sports, hobbies - even fantasy and popular children's character style themes. Simply search our site using the search function and prepare to be surprised - in a good way!


Shop Custom Birthday Cake Toppers Made In Australia

In today's world, it pays to order local. If you are in Australia, rest assured, all of our birthday cake toppers made in Australia. We make cake toppers in Australia almost every day of the year. We aim to send out our birthday cake decorations as soon as possible - although you do need to remember to allow enough time before your event for your birthday cake toppers to arrive. We offer a range of shipping options for our laser cut birthday cake decorations, from standard to express, as well as a courier service for fast international shipping. And of course, we pack our birthday cake toppers securely to minimise the chance they will be damaged in transit. We ship birthday cake decoration online orders almost every day to countries such as The United States, Japan, many countries in Europe, New Zealand and more.

FAQs about our Birthday Cake Decorations

How much do laser cut happy birthday cake toppers cost?

The answer to this question depends on a few things. With a wide variety of materials, the choice of material that you select to have your laser cut birthday cake topper made from will affect the price. Rest assured though, whichever you choose, from gold mirror, silver mirror, bamboo, glitter or plain colour, your laser cut happy birthday cake topper will look amazing. We've made thousands of birthday cake toppers over the years, and as our Google reviews suggest, we think ours are the best birthday cake decorations you can buy online. Mind you, we are biased!


Where can I buy cheap birthday cake toppers?

When you are planning a birthday party, it's always a good birthday idea to have a budget, and to try to stick to it. And when you are birthday party planning on a budget, every penny counts. Often people first look at cheap party supplies such as cheap party decorations, and cheap birthday cake decorations. Remember though, when your sole focus is low prices, such as a low cost birthday cake topper, often quality can suffer. People often look at our top quality birthday cake toppers, then go and buy a cheap birthday cake decoration somewhere else, then call us. All of our laser cut decorations for birthday cakes are finished to the highest quality, in a range of gorgeous colours and finishes. We know that when you buy a Little Dance birthday cake topper you will be happy. And when it's something as central and visible as a birthday cake, believe us when we say happy matters. It matters a lot!


What is the best birthday cake topper for a kids birthday?

What you choose as an acrylic cake topper to put on your birthday cake is completely up to you. What makes the best birthday cake topper is influenced by many things. Such as the type of event you are going to hold. The age the birthday boy, girl or person is turning. And their personal preferences as well. What can often make an awesome birthday cake topper in one persons eyes may be something else altogether in the birthday boy, girl or persons eyes. So really, when asking where can I buy the best birthday cake toppers, you should probably ask yourself first... what would be the best birthday cake topper that this person will love. After all, it's their birthday, so it should really be all about them. Popular suggestions include age birthday cake toppers, or a birthday cake topper that is themed with a favourite hobby or interest, such as sport, or music.


Do you make laser cut acrylic birthday cake toppers?

Yes, we certainly do. We make laser cut acrylic birthday cake toppers in all kinds of themes for all kinds of events. We've made birthday cake decorations for age themed birthday parties, from 1st birthday cake toppers, second, third, fourth, fifth, 10th, after all, kids birthdays are quite important to the whole family. And it doesn't stop there. Birthday cake decorations for 21st, 30th, 40th and more aged events and celebrations in all kinds of themes. Sports themed celebrations are especially popular in Australia and around the world, so of course, we have birthday cake decorations for almost every sport you can imagine. Cricket, soccer, hockey, tennis, netball, football, fishing, and many more sports and pastimes, all sitting on top of cakes as birthday cake decorations. And when it comes to acrylics, the good thing about making birthday cake decorations from laser cut acrylic is the sheer number of colours available. While solid colours like black, red, and blue are always popular, pastels, glitter acrylic and mirror finishes look stunning, especially gold mirror birthday cake decorations, silver mirror birthday cake toppers, or how about a rose gold cake decoration for a birthday cake in laser cut acrylic made in Australia?


Where can I buy laser cut bamboo birthday cake toppers?

Bamboo isn't a common material to find birthday decorations made from, especially acrylic cake topper. Bamboo is more commonly found as personalised cheese sets, or other household items. Nevertheless, Little Dance cake topper designs are often available as bamboo birthday cake toppers. We make our bamboo birthday cake decorations at our studio workshop in Melbourne, in the outer Eastern Suburbs. Most of our birthday cake decorations also suit being laser cut or engraved on bamboo, and can all be viewed on our website. Our laser cut bamboo birthday cake toppers made in Australia are only available either online or via click and collect. Our click and collect laser cut bamboo cake decorations is a safe, contact free process, and is by appointment for this reason.


I'd like a birthday cake topper made with my age on it. Where can I buy age birthday cake toppers near me?

In Melbourne, many quality party supply shops carry Little Dance birthday cake decorations made in Australia. If you are not in Melbourne, we can send the perfect age birthday cake topper to you if you shop online. With hundreds of designs to choose from, the best birthday cake topper with your age on it is only a few clicks or taps away. As we are an online only shop, and do not have a physical shop, you can buy our products pretty much anywhere, where you have an internet connection :). Remember though that delivery times can vary, so it pays to order online and allow enough time for delivery. Once your birthday cake topper leaves where we make our beautiful cake adornments, the delivery timeframe is out of our control.



What are some good birthday cake topper tips and birthday cake topper hacks?

Over the years we've found some awesome ideas, tips and have a good collection of cake decorating hacks. Here are some of them. One of the best birthday cake topper hacks is to take the time to understand what the birthday girl, birthday boy or person likes or enjoys. Boys birthday cake toppers and girls birthday cake decorations often have different themes. Ignoring gender, the fact is though that everyone is different, and with that, so too are our tastes, and what we would appreciate on our birthday cake. One thing is certain though, which is no matter what type of person you would like to search shop birthday cake toppers online Australia for, when they realise you've actually stopped, and made an effort to get something they would like - well in many cases that simple fact, that you made an effort is enough. It's like the old saying says - it's the thought that counts. This is the most basic birthday cake topper hack and one of the best birthday cake decorations tips we have right now.



Personalised baptism & christening cake toppers for sale online in Australia - Custom name cake toppers Coloured acrylic birthday cake toppers – Gold Mirror – Silver Mirror – Glitter - Order online or buy in store

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We deliver Australian made birthday cake toppers online to most places in Australia including major centres such as Adelaide - Ballarat - Bendigo - Brisbane - Cairns - Canberra - Geelong - Hobart - Albury - Newcastle - Wagga Wagga - Wollongong - Perth - Sydney


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    Engraved Sunburst Cake Topper

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    This cake topper measures 17cm wide x 17cm tall including an 8cm spike. Elevate your cake presentation with our double-layered Happy Birthday cake topper, a perfect blend of style and function. This delightful accessory effortlessly sets the tone for...

  • Golf Fore Tee Cake Topper for 40th Birthday Little Dance Golf Cake Topper Colour Palette

    Golf Cake Topper - Fore Tee

    Our Fore Tee Cake Topper is the perfect addition to any golfer's 40th birthday celebration! Crafted from high-quality acrylic or bamboo, this cake topper is sure to impress your guests with its intricate design and attention to detail. Featuring a...

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  • Surf's Up" Cake Topper - Shaka Hand Gesture Cake Topper - Shaka Hand Gesture

    Cake Topper - Shaka Hand Gesture

    Add a touch of surfer style to your next celebration with our "Surf's Up" cake topper featuring the iconic Shaka hand gesture. Handcrafted from high-quality materials, this cake topper is the perfect finishing touch for any beach or ocean-themed party,...

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    Cake Topper - Devil Horns Hand Gesture

    Add a touch of edgy charm to your next celebration with our Devil Horns Hand Gesture Cake Topper! Made from high-quality acrylic, or bamboo this cake topper features a bold and eye-catching design of the infamous hand gesture with devil horns. Perfect...

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