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Personalised Santa Snack Trays - Wooden Christmas Eve Tray

Start your Christmas Tradition of leaving treats out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve with our fun personalised Christmas trays. Father Christmas will definitely appreciate a few small treats such as cookies or milk...or even beer.. as he goes about the important work of leaving presents under your family Christmas tree - and the kids will love the idea that Santa will get treats from them. Also known as Christmas Eve Trays, our cute wood snack trays are personalised to your family names, and are a fun Christmas tradition idea. Made in Australia, we deliver Worldwide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and more. 

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Buy Personalised Christmas Eve Treats Plate Online Australia

Christmas is a magical time of year. And Christmas Eve especially is the night of nights as far as anticipating Santa's arrival and the presents he brings. One of the ways Children can connect even more with the Christmas Eve magic is to leave a small wood plate of treats out for Santa or Father Christmas. After all, a little bribery with cookies and milk can't hurt can it?

Start a family tradition with our Personalised Santa’s Treat Tray on Christmas Eve by leaving out a carrot for the Reindeer, and milk and cookies for Santa.

And the best part of the magic? Waking up the next morning when the kids check the plate and....the treats have been eaten. And the glass of milk is empty too! Which can only mean....Santa is real!!


Custom Wooden Christmas Eve Tray With Name Made in Australia

Every family has it's Christmas traditions. And these all start somewhere. Usually when the Children are young, and just starting to understand and enjoy the Festive Season - and the excitement that Christmas Eve brings. One of the cool things about fun family Christmas Eve traditions is that they provide an outlet for the kids, and a way of helping settle them in so Santa can do his magic with presents.

After all, Santa can only arrive once the house is asleep! And a custom Christmas Eve Tray with your family name on it is a perfect way to make sure Santa gets his treats or midnight snack - and maybe, just maybe, some lovely presents will be left under the tree or in the stockings!


Wooden Family Santa Snack Tray - A Fun Christmas Eve Idea

Looking for family Christmas tradition ideas? Or family Christmas Eve ideas? Look no further than these Santa Snack trays. A lovely wooden board with personalised wording that will make it clear to Santa that the treats are from your family. Make sure it is left somewhere Santa will see it though!





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