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Buy Baby Gifts Online Australia - Newborn - Toddler Gifts for Nursery, Baby Shower, Christmas or Birthday

Welcome to our beautiful range of personalised baby and children gifts and gift ideas for new arrivals. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to celebrate the arrival of a new life, we’re certain you’ll find it here. Little Dance has carefully curated the most thoughtful, practical and stunning collection of newborn gifts – just for you.



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How to Choose the Best Gift for Babies and Toddlers - Baby Gift Ideas Online

It is so important to choose the best gift for the situation, we think. When we say best gift, what we mean is one that is most appropriate. And that often means thinking about the particular baby, infant or toddler, and where they are at. What the next few months ahead mean.

How to choose a good babies gift Australia:

For example, are they teething? Are they learning to walk? At different stages of development, they learn new skills, and find different ways to learn. A carefully chosen gift can bring so much joy, and even learning, at the same time.

Another how to buy the best babies gifts example:

Kids who are learning to read words and kids who are learning the alphabet are at different stages of the same journey. One would benefit from a clever first 100 words game for example. When it comes to Australian baby gifts, the children learning their ABC or alphabet or learning how to name things is more focussed on associating sounds with a particular shape or thing. So a memory game, either with letters or with other popular words, would be a perfect gift.


Young Children's Gift Ideas Online

As we discussed earlier, gift ideas for young children take a bit of thought. But the best gift ideas are usually pretty easy to find, and when you see them, you know you have found the right gift. Whether it be for a childs birthday gift, or other milestone celebration gift for a child, online is where you will find the best buy. Our range is presented above, for ease of choosing a good gift.


Baby Gifts and Childrens Gifts - Some Common Questions We Get Asked

From time to time, we get asked if we are an online shop that sells Australian baby gifts online. The answer to that question, we are pleased to say, is yes. We have a range of custom made gifts made in Australia. Each of our products is a made to order gift, either from our ever increasing range for sale online, or a personalised baby gift. Bespoke gifts Au are also available online on our Australian online gift website.


Wooden Gifts For Young Children

When you visit a toy shop looking for toys and gifts, you see plastic toys and artifical looking games. Wouldn't it be nice to find good gifts made of wood? Particularly wooden gifts for young kids? Games made of wood, puzzles made of wood. Wooden it be nice! Lol!

We think some of the best children's gifts - that is to say, the best gifts for children online that we have seen, have been made of wood. You just can't beat the natural smell, the look and the feel that toys made of timber and timber gifts have.

On that note, its we need to add that younger children, especially, like to touch things. They learn texture, dexterity and fine motor skills by constantly picking things up, holding them. Then squeezing them, learning about them and putting them down again. Wooden toy gifts and wooden game gifts are perfect for that exercise.

Our wooden puzzles and wooden kids games are laser cut to order, and quality checked by our team so you know that when you have your childrens gifts delivered to you that they are the best wooden gifts Australia has to offer online.

We have wooden memory games. First hundred words made from wood, even jigsaw puzzles for children made of wood. All the gifts made of wood a parent or family member could wish for.

And remember, these are all made in Melbourne, Australia. So if you are an Australian, or live in Australia and would like to buy Australian made childrens gifts or baby gifts Au, our childrens gifts made of wood are all made in Australia.


Gifts to Help Children Learn

Give the gift of learning. Knowledge is the key to the world - so rather than keep a child busy with mindless noises on a screen, why not a tangible gift that teaches children something useful? Our gifts give a number of simple things. The gift of laughter. The gift of smiles. And all keep young minds learning, searching for more knowledge because - they make learning fun. And when you make learning fun, children seek it out, and look for more. So why not invest in a childs future by giving a childrens learning gift or a gift that helps teach a child to read Australia.

This is never truer than for toddlers. Gifts for toddlers are so important - because at that early age, when they are still learning to walk, although it looks as though that is all they are concentrating on, nothing could be further from the truth. They are actually looking at every single thing around them. Assessing it, how far away it is, is it friendly, can they eat it, or can they play with it. True? Having fun gifts that kids can play with is so important for this reason. One example is that by putting a childs favorite toy gift a bit further away, they will crawl towards it - or learn to walk towards their favorite game. How good is that!



Educational Toys For Kids Australia

Creative minds need creative exercises. And our babies and childrens gifts are just the ticket. Creative gifts for kids make some of the best learning toys online available especially gifts for kids under 5 years old. After that they tend to go into the school system and learning becomes more structured but at under 5 years old, there is a lot more imaginative and explorative play. Thats why things like sandpits are great for younger children, as well as kids gifts that tell a story, such as puzzles when they are put together for the first time.


Gifts For Parents With Babies

Do you have young babies? Perhaps you are planning a family and wondering what to get your baby to play with as it grows older. Or maybe you have friends who have babies or young children. If you buy a toy for where they are now, they may outgrow it. Actually they will outgrow all of their toys eventually if Toy Story is to be believed. Ask Andys toys! If you want to buy a gift for parents with babies, a good idea is to look for unique gifts. Bespoke is always a good go to - such as a large acrylic name for the wall of a babies nursery - personalised baby gifts are super cute!


Buy Newborn Baby Gifts Australia Online

Gifts for newborns are special. And finding the best gifts for newborn baby Australia is a special moment as well. Our range of laser cut newborn gifts is among the best in Australia online. If you would like to know the price of newborn baby gifts online, all of our products pricing is on the product page. We ship from Melbourne Australia wide, including sending newborn baby gifts Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Hobart and pretty much any destination in Aus.


Where Can I Buy Baby Gifts Near Me?

In many cases people look for familiar department stores, such as looking for the Myer baby gifts department, or going to a shopping centre to the David Jones baby gifts shop. Or even look for cheap baby gifts at Coles or Woolworths. After 2020 with all of the lockdowns and uncertainty, a lot of people prefer not to go to shopping centres anymore, and face the crowds, the parking and a lot of walking. So why not shop online. Its easy, convenient and safe.

Our site accepts credit card, PayPal, PayPal Pay in 4 and Afterpay and is open to sell baby gifts online Australia 24 hours a day.

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