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Tug of war

Rules for Tug of War

NOTE...these are not "official rules...just a party guideline!!

You will need a reasonable space of open, flat ground...

Make a line on the ground. This will be the start, or center line. You can put a wading pool there for fun!.

Allocate a judge- more for fun than anything. The winner and loser is pretty obvious!

Mark a rope in the center.

Form two teams of at least five people. The teams should have equal numbers of people, and roughly equal weight and size breakdowns for the best game.

Each team chooses an anchor.

Line both teams up on their own ends of the rope. Stagger the players so that one is to the right of the rope and the next is to the left.

Everyone picks up the rope and takes up the slack. Hole the rope taut with the centre line above the middle line.

When this is done, the judge calls "Pull!"

Winner is generally pretty obvious!!.


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