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Scrabble Inspired Wall Tiles - Custom Words

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Spell your own word with scrabble tiles. Individual scrabble tiles home décor ideas. Shop scrabble tiles for walls online Australia.

These scrabble style décor pieces are the ultimate addition to any home. Real letters with the original Scrabble style points system makes this décor item fun and classic.
At the same time, the natural wood colouring lends a chic and modern design edge to these lovely pieces.

Priced per tile, you can build your own custom words for display in your home. Choose a word like family as we have pictured to let your guests know what is important to you. Build a scrabble style game on your wall with stylish scrabble home décor letters from your favourite words or quotes.

We love seeing these décor scrabble tiles spell out nursery, or the names of your little ones for their bedroom walls. Fun for the whole family while adding a bite of personality to your home.

Price per tile
4 x sizes: 15cm, 9cm, 5cm

Printed letters onto 6mm premium plywood. We don't use vinyl that falls off over time.
Unstained natural colour.

If mounting to walls 3M put out some wonderful picture hanging strips or mounting tabs that are removable.


Custom Scrabble Wall Tiles: Unique Christmas Gifts with Heartfelt Messages

The holiday season is a time for spreading love and joy, and what better way to express your sentiments than with personalised Scrabble wall tiles? These custom Scrabble tiles offer a delightful twist on a classic game, allowing you to create a beautiful and unique message for your family and loved ones. Let's explore how these Scrabble-inspired wall tiles can make for wonderful Christmas gifts and presents that carry a special touch.

Custom Scrabble Tiles: A Personal Touch

Custom Scrabble tiles provide an opportunity to convey your feelings and thoughts in a unique way. Create a personalised message or a heartfelt holiday greeting using these charming tiles. Whether you choose to spell out "Merry Christmas," a family member's name, or a special phrase, these tiles add a personal touch to your Christmas decor.

Scrabble Wall Tiles: Decorate with Words

Scrabble wall tiles are not just decorations; they are conversations waiting to happen. Use these tiles to create a whimsical and interactive element in your home during the holiday season. Guests and family members can rearrange the tiles to form different words or messages, adding an element of fun and engagement to your Christmas festivities.

Scrabble Wall Art: A Classic with a Twist

While Scrabble is a classic game, Scrabble wall art offers a fresh and contemporary twist. These tiles come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your decor. They can be a striking focal point on your wall or seamlessly blend in with your existing decorations. Whether your style is traditional or modern, Scrabble wall art can complement any aesthetic.

Large Scrabble Tiles: Bold Statements

If you're looking to make a bold statement with your Christmas decor, consider opting for large Scrabble tiles. These oversized letters create a dramatic effect on your wall, ensuring that your message is noticed and appreciated. Whether you want to wish your guests "Happy Holidays" or simply display your family name, large Scrabble tiles are a unique choice.

Scrabble Letters for Walls: A Timeless Favourite

Scrabble has been a beloved game for generations, making Scrabble letters for walls a timeless favourite. These wall tiles evoke a sense of nostalgia and tradition, adding warmth and charm to your holiday decor. Whether you're celebrating with family or friends, these tiles bring everyone together in the spirit of fun and competition.

The Popularity of Scrabble

Scrabble is a game that has stood the test of time, captivating players of all ages. Its popularity spans generations and has become a staple in family gatherings and game nights. Scrabble's timeless appeal lies in its combination of strategy, wordplay, and friendly competition, making it a beloved pastime for many.

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5 Suggestions for Using Custom Scrabble Wall Tiles:

  1. Festive Greetings: Spell out "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" on your wall to welcome guests with a cheerful message.
  2. Family Names: Display the names of family members as a heartwarming reminder of the importance of togetherness during the holidays.
  3. Holiday Countdown: Create a countdown to Christmas by rearranging the tiles daily, building excitement among children and adults alike.
  4. Gift Tags: Use Scrabble tiles to spell out names on gift tags for a unique and personalised touch.
  5. Game Night: Host a Scrabble game night during your holiday gatherings, adding a fun and competitive element to your celebrations.

5 Ways to Make Christmas Gift Giving More Special for Australian Families:

  1. Personalised Presents: Choose custom gifts like Scrabble wall tiles to show that you've put thought and care into your selection.
  2. Create Memories: Encourage family members to share stories and create new memories during the holiday season.
  3. Handmade Touch: Consider crafting your own Christmas cards or decorations to add a personal and heartfelt touch to your gifts.
  4. Secret Santa: Organise a Secret Santa exchange among family members to add an element of surprise and excitement to gift giving.
  5. Giving Back: Incorporate charitable giving into your holiday traditions by donating to a meaningful cause as a family.

Our Little Dance laser cut custom Scrabble-inspired wall tiles are made in Melbourne, Australia.

Create Your Own Custom Scrabble Wall Art - You Can Buy Large Scrabble Letters Online

Our giant scrabble tiles for wall art are a fun way to decorate your home and make a statement at the same time - literally! These extra large scrabble letters are wooden tiles, laser cut and printed.

You can buy large scrabble tiles Australia - they are made right here in Australia.

Personalise Your Wall - With Personalised Scrabble Wall Letters

Ever wanted a personalised scrabble board? Perhaps personalized scrabble wall art or wall tiles? Now you can have exactly that. Personalised wooden scrabble letters for walls are exactly what we make. Not only ideal for home decor our tiles would also make great Christmas or house warming gifts.

Does Your Home Decor Have a Points System? Do You Think it Needs One?

Our scrabble pieces make awesome custom words on walls decor. With cute little points on the corner just like a certain game, our decorative large scrabble letters make great tile art too. With a beautiful bamboo wood, they are pretty, functional and exactly the gift to give when you are shopping for that hard to find a gift for person.

Wondering Where Can I Buy Large Wooden Scrabble Letters?

You can buy scrabble tile wall art online in Australia right here!

Simply select the number then buy wooden scrabble tiles online in the cart on this page. Let us know which letters you would like and we custom make in Australia to order.