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Buy Personalised Easter Gifts Australia Online

Simply the best selection of personalised Easter gifts you can buy online in Australia - with Personalised and non personalised Easter gifts, our pretty selection of gifts with the Easter theme are super popular, and affordable. From Easter bunny designs across to Easter eggs, baby animals, and other cute Easter celebration styles. Some can be Easter gifts with a name on them.

Little Dance Easter gifts made in Australia

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Personalised Easter Gifts Made in Australia

For your peace of mind, all of our gifts are produced here in Australia, in our studio in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. All are shipped from Melbourne, across Australia and world wide.


Personalised Easter Gifts Australia For Kids

Got rugrats in your life? Looking for something different that doesn't revolve around chocolate? We can help. Have a look at our products in the thumbnails above - we have a very pretty range of Easter themed toys and games that you probably won't see in the shops this Easter. All made right here in Australia. We have rabbit themed Easter gifts for children, as well as egg themes. Puzzles, and fun things to do for Easter - can do! Gifts for little kids? Yep, got those too. They are proving very popular so don't take a chance on missing out - order now in time for Easter!



Personalised Easter Gifts For Adults

At Easter time, one of the many customs is the giving of small Easter presents to one another. Not at the scale of Christmas however - just a small gift, usually with a nod to one of the more common themes around the history of Easter. A tradition that dates back to ancient times, Easter has been known as a number of things, and has different meanings to different religions. All however tie Easter to new life, fertility or resurrection. And so, today, we have the giving of Easter Eggs, and similar. 

Little Dance continues this tradition, with our own twist on it. We've designed a range of puzzles, gifts and toys for grown ups, totally appropriate, and PG friendly. Cute, affordable Easter gifts for Adults that you can buy online in Australia with afterpay, credit card or pay pal. To borrow a phrase - Simples.



Unique Easter Gifts

One of the joys about being creative people is that we don't just churn out the same mass produced stuff that you see everywhere. Nope. Not us. We brainstorm ideas about what will make the best gift for any particular theme, then drill that down to a shortlist. And so, some pretty special products are created. One of a kind. Unique.

That means you won't find them anywhere else - until our ideas get borrowed, lol. Which is kind of a compliment really. Anyway, our point is that we think we have some super cool, and very affordable unique gifts for Easter gift giving. Try saying that after a few wines lol. 


Fun Easter Gifts

For many people, Easter is about family. And a family get together should be fun. Enjoyable. Filled with laughter, the sort that rolls down hallways, across corridors, people happy and enjoying one another's company. And a part of this could be giving small gifts, inexpensive - and when you look at the price tag, our Easter gifts are actually quite cheap. But not tacky. Quality, made with care, packaged carefully so they will arrive intact and un damaged. The sort of gifts that make people smile. Because they are fun. 



Where Can I Buy Good Easter Gifts or Cheap Presents?

In an old fable, a young man asks for something that is good and cheap. The response is another question - which would you like, good, or cheap. The implication is that you can't have both. Not so. Our custom Easter gifts are surprisingly low cost, and affordable for people on a tight budget. And best of all, they are actually pretty good. Popular with customers, and judging by the feedback, also well received by those that the gifts are given too - and that's really the most important part isn't it. 

So the answer to the question...where can I buy good cheap Easter obvious....Little Dance Australia!


Personalised Easter Gifts Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

When it comes to shopping locally for good gifts to give at Easter time. it's not always easy. And it's fair to say that over 2020 we all got a lot more used to shopping online, and having things delivered. True?

If you are in Melbourne, if you buy online from Little Dance, if you prefer, select the click and collect option in checkout, then pay with paypal, after pay or credit card. You can call in during a nominated window for contactless collection. Nice and safe.

If you are in Brisbane, Sydney, or other locations around Australia, we deliver using Australia Post. If you need a quicker delivery, once your order is made (all of our orders are made to order as a large percentage are bespoke), select Express Post. Otherwise standard post is cheaper delivery, but it can take quite a bit longer.

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    Personalised Easter Bunny Stop Here Sign

    There’s nothing more magical at Easter time than the joy brought by the children in our lives. To them, the most magical thing is that egg bearing character that hops along! Easter Bunny themed Easter décor is a hit for children, and...

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    Easter cupcakes have never been cuter! These cute characters represent the parts of Easter that we’re all familiar with. In four lovely pastel shades, the colours in the Easter cupcake picks bring about the feelings of rebirth we celebrate on the...

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    Personalised Easter Bunny Printed Calico Bag

    Our beautiful personalised Easter Bunny calico bags feature a breath-taking illustration that will be truly appreciated by those young and old. Personalise this design by telling us the name of your gift recipient, and we’ll do the rest. This cute...

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    Easter Bunny Footprint Stencils Australia

    Parents, you're going to adore these new Easter Bunny Footprint stencils! Simply place on the ground and sprinkle flour or a powder of your choice to illuminate the path taken by the Easter Bunny! Children will love following the path to their Easter Egg...

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    Personalised Mugs - Easter Bunny

    Personalised Mugs - Easter Bunny A perfect gift idea for the Easter period that your loved ones can keep forever! This mug is a gorgeous practical gift featuring two adorable little bunnies and a Happy Easter slogan. Better yet, this mug has a personal...

  • Happy Easter themed coffee mug. Buy online in Australia

    Personalised Mugs - Little Brown Bunny Mug

    *  11 ounces ceramic white mug*  Design printed on front of mug*  Image as per listing photo (note colours may vary)*  Design professionally sublimated onto the mug in our Melbourne studio *  No markers, paint, vinyl or decals...

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    Personalised Mugs - Hoppy Easter Mug

    Personalised Easter Mugs *  11 ounces ceramic white mug*  Design printed on front of mug*  Image as per listing photo (note colours may vary)*  Design professionally sublimated onto the mug in our Melbourne studio *  No markers,...

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    Personalised Mugs - Easter Eggs Mug

    *  11 ounces ceramic white mug*  Design printed on front of mug*  Image as per listing photo (note colours may vary)*  Design professionally sublimated onto the mug in our Melbourne studio *  No markers, paint, vinyl or decals...

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    Easter Duck Personalised Mugs *  11 ounces ceramic white mug*  Design printed on front of mug*  Image as per listing photo (note colours may vary)*  Design professionally sublimated onto the mug in our Melbourne studio *  No...

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    Personalised Mug - Easter Egg Hunt Mug

    Add a special twist to your Easter egg hunt, with a personalised mug scattered around the trail for each child. Not only do they get some yummy Easter chocolates in traditional style, they’ll have this beautiful keepsake of fun childhood memories...

  • Personalised coffee cup with name. Easter gift. Online mug maker Australia delivers to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide

    Personalised Mug - Easter Animals Mug

    Simply add a chocolate egg for the perfect Easter present for literally anyone! A practical mug is always well received, and this personalised ‘Happy Easter’ message with a name of your choice is no different. A collection of adorable Easter...

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