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Custom WiFi QR Code Acrylic Block

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Remember the times when guests or your children's friends would come over and wanted to connect to your WiFi and wanted the password?  and then you would have to find the little magnet that is suppose to be stuck on the fridge that hasn't been put back, or the piece of paper shoved in the back of the desk drawer?

Well we’ve just made it easier…. for everyone - and these look fab enough to have out on display.

Now it is as easy as asking your guests to scan the QR code to connect.

Our beautiful WiFi QR Code signs are made of 12mm thick acrylic so they can stand on their own and have beautifully polished edges. ❤️

All we need is to send us your Wifi Name and Password - which is normally found on the back of your router and we'll generate your very own QR Code for your very own acrylic WiFI QR Code.