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Cake Plaque - Double Layered Name & Separate Age

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Personalised Cake Plaque - Double Layered Name with Separate Age  - Custom Cake Decoration, Made in Australia

Looking to add a little extra something to your celebration cake?  Why not create a cake plaque, and simply adhere it to your cake with a bakers paste!

This Double Layered cake plaque comes in two separate pieces, with each piece featuring the double layered, two-tone effect!  Cake plaques are a great way to put the perfect finishing touch to a birthday celebration of any theme, while the use of two different colours really brings the cake plaque to life.  You can choose two complementary colours to blend with your event styling, or choose two contrasting colours to really make your cake plaque POP!

The super cute Dinosaur cake in our example photo was made by Tegan's Custom Cakes, and features Green Hunter base colour, with Green Mint top colour.


♥ Sizing

Each name plaque will vary depending on the characters, however the length won't exceed 15cm and the height will be roughly 10cm.

The age component measures approximately 8cm tall and 4cm wide.


♥ Instructions

Stand-alone cake plaques are a fun alternative to traditional, top-mounted cake toppers and decorations.

They do not come with a spike, as they are designed to be placed next to, or in front of, your cake.

When applied with gentle pressure, cake plaques will nestle straight on to a buttercream cake.

Or, for use on fondant cakes, the cake plaque can be attached using a small amount of royal icing (a mix of pure icing sugar and egg whites) to "glue" it into place.

Need Extra Support? Meet Little Dance's Easy On Attachable Spike, your new best friend in cake decorating! This tool is perfect for providing stability and elegance without compromising your cake's appearance. Ideal for heavier designs like our double-layered plaque. Purchase your Easy On Attachable Spike here.

Our cake plaques are available in either bamboo or acrylic, and with a wide range of acrylic tints, mirrors and finishes available, you're sure to find the perfect colour to match your event theme!  When handled with care, this cake plaque would make a great keepsake from a milestone birthday.

Little Dance Double Layered cake plaques and cake decorations can be adapted to suit all occasions - including Birthdays, Baptism & Christenings, Baby Showers and Weddings - and are a stylish yet fun way to add your own finishing touch to your beautiful cakes!


Cake Image Credits

Peyton 1 Cake by It's Caked On

Sajad 8 Cake by Tegan's Custom Cakes


Made in Australia.

International and Australia wide delivery available.

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