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Family Tradition - Personalised Wooden Christmas Eve Trays


Begin your family tradition with our Personalised Christmas Eve Tray for Santa by leaving out a carrot for the Reindeer, and milk and cookies for Santa - and maybe get better presents at the same time!

Christmas is a magic tradition, and this is one of the ways to make that magic even more real, and special - and after all, if Santa likes the treats, maybe, just maybe, better presents will get left under the tree or mantel piece on Christmas Eve.

Our trays are printed in Melbourne, Australia. We deliver Australia and World wide. Click and collect is available in Melbourne once we've let you know your order Christmas Eve Snack Tray online Australia is ready.

Printed in Australia

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What other terms are Christmas Eve Trays known by?

There are a few different terms for these fun personalised trays. Another one is a Santa Snack Board. It's a good idea to include snacks for all of Santa's entourage, so perhaps a good mix would be milk and cookies for Santa, or Father Christmas, and carrots for the Reindeer. Imagine the excitement when the kids wake up and there are only crumbs left on the plate....and bits of carrot on the driveway outside...from where the reindeer were nibbling on their treats, obviously.


Buy personalised wood Christmas Eve Trays online in Australia. Made in Melbourne, Australia. Buy with Afterpay, PayPal or card



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