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Word of the Year Display Signs

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The Word of the Year is the smarter younger sister of the New Years’ Resolution. Instead of setting multiple goals that might not be achievable based on unforeseen circumstances (erm, the year 2020 anyone?), you pick your word and make it a focus in all areas of your life. Whether it be ‘Abundance’ when you want to focus on money, good times, and lots of love, or ‘Friends’ when you want to maintain and create connections. It could even be ‘Discipline’ for your exercise and savings routine. 

No matter what your Word of the Year is (or otherwise known as WOTY), we can create a stunning 3D sign for you to display in your home or office as a wonderful reminder of the commitment you’ve made to create a better life. Choose from a wooden or acrylic background so that you can effortlessly match your home’s décor scheme. A timeless script showcases your one little word in acrylic with a matching border to create a 3D effect.

So no matter what your word is start your year off by displaying this lovely one little word, to inspire you all year long. 

The Word of the Year signs and reminders make a lovely, positive piece of décor even after the year is done.

Two sizes to choose from

Small: 300mm x 150mm
Large: 350mm x 200mm