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Picnic Wine Table - Couples Names

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Choose a special text for the one you love and gift this beautiful personalised, custom made Bamboo Picnic Table! A gift that will allow them to enjoy a selection of their favourite treats in the park, at the beach, or in the backyard. A compact, portable design which is perfect for spring and summer outings.

Crafted from durable, sustainable bamboo with integrated corrals that securely hold up to 4 wine glasses and a dedicated space to hold a wine bottle. Serve up cheese and meat arrangements, cake, fruits, and other appetisers.

The folding legs allow for easy compact storage in your cupboards, pantry or car.

Engrave your loved ones name/s and gift this beautiful table for an easy and hassle free present for the picnic lover.

We're looking forward to helping you make their day, whether it's for a birthday, house warming, wedding gift, anniversary, Christmas or just because, this personalised picnic basket has you covered!

The natural wood grains & etching will differ with each picnic basket due to their natural timber variants.

- Dimensions: 450mm x 250mm
- Laser engraved
- Natural wood grains & engraving will differ due to their natural timber variants.


And as for the uses for our clever wine picnic are our top pics!


Plan a Romantic Picnic in Brisbane

Personalised Wine Picnic Tables for Couples

Are you seeking a romantic adventure in the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia? Look no further than our personalised wine picnic tables. These custom-made tables, engraved with your names, are the perfect addition to your outdoor date. Imagine a picnic in the lush Brisbane Botanic Gardens or a serene evening by the Brisbane River, with your own personalised wine picnic table as the centerpiece. It's an unforgettable way to celebrate love and enjoy the beauty of Brisbane's outdoor spaces.

Melbourne's Hidden Picnic Gems

Personalised Wine Picnic Tables for a Touch of Luxury

In the heart of Melbourne, the city of culture and style, our personalised wine picnic tables elevate your outdoor dining experience. Whether you choose the Royal Botanic Gardens or the iconic Brighton Beach, our engraved tables add a touch of luxury to your picnic. Enjoy the Melbourne skyline as you dine, creating memories that will last a lifetime. With your names beautifully engraved, these tables are not just functional but also a symbol of your unique bond.

Sydney's Coastal Picnic Paradise

Personalised Wine Picnic Tables for Beach Lovers

Sydney, with its stunning beaches and coastal beauty, is the ideal backdrop for a romantic picnic. Our personalised wine picnic tables make your beachside date even more special. Whether it's Bondi Beach or Watsons Bay, these tables are designed to provide convenience and style. Engraved with your names, they turn an ordinary day at the beach into a personalised celebration of love and togetherness.

Wine and Dine with a View

Personalised Wine Picnic Tables for Scenic Feasts

Elevate your dining experience with our personalised wine picnic tables. Whether you're in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, these tables are designed for scenic feasts. Choose a picturesque park, a rooftop setting, or a beachside location, and let your engraved table set the stage for a memorable picnic. With your names as a part of the design, it's a celebration of love and a delightful way to enjoy the stunning views of Australia.

Celebrate Milestones with Style

Personalised Wine Picnic Tables for Special Occasions

Life is full of special moments, and our personalised wine picnic tables are perfect for celebrating them. Whether it's an anniversary, engagement, or simply a romantic date, these tables add a personal touch to your celebration. Share a bottle of your favorite wine and delicious treats on your custom-made table, and create cherished memories in the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Create Lasting Memories in Australia

Personalised Wine Picnic Tables for Unforgettable Adventures

Australia offers a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor experiences, and our personalised wine picnic tables are your companion for unforgettable adventures. Wherever you choose to explore in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, these tables ensure you have a comfortable and personalised spot to enjoy the scenery, food, and each other's company. Start creating lasting memories today with our custom-made tables, made with love in Australia.