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Birthday Party Labels & Stickers - Sweet 16

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Enhancing Your Sweet 16 Party with Birthday Party Spot Labels


A gorgeous party spot label or sticker - Sweet 16 theme


Our versatile pretty Party Labels & Stickers come in two sizes

- 4.5cm diameter (24 Labels & Stickers to a sheet)

- 6.5cm diameter (12 Labels & Stickers to a sheet).

Use them to decorate birthday party bags, use as bonbonniere stickers gifts as gift tags or party cups. 



At Little Dance, we're thrilled to introduce our Sweet 16 Birthday Party Spot Labels, customised and lovingly printed right here in Australia. We understand that a Sweet 16 celebration is a milestone moment, and we're committed to making it truly unique and memorable. Whether it's an elegant gathering or a fun and vibrant party, our labels are designed to add a touch of sophistication to your celebration.

  • Personalisation with Australian Craftsmanship: Our Sweet 16 Birthday Party Spot Labels are more than just labels; they're your canvas for creativity. With a range of designs, fonts, and colours, you can personalise them to match your party theme perfectly. Whether it's your name, the date, or a special message, our labels carry your personal touch with Australian craftsmanship.

  • Elegant Decor: Elevate your Sweet 16 party with these labels. Use them to decorate party favours, place cards, or even wine bottles. The sophisticated designs instantly enhance the visual appeal of your celebration and set the tone for an elegant evening.

  • Thematic Unity: Planning a specific theme for your Sweet 16? Our labels are versatile and can complement a wide range of themes. From glamorous Hollywood to rustic chic, these labels can adapt and create a captivating atmosphere that matches your vision.

  • Keepsake Treasures: Our labels aren't just for the party day; they become cherished keepsakes. Guests can take home a piece of the Sweet 16 celebration, complete with your personalised label. It's a beautiful memento that captures the essence of the event, proudly crafted in Australia.

  • Versatile Creativity: Let your creativity flow beyond conventional uses. These labels are incredibly versatile. Attach them to party favor bags, champagne flutes, or use them as unique place cards by adding guests' names. Your imagination is the limit!

  • Memorable Photos: Little Dance labels add a touch of sophistication to your party photos. They make for perfect photo props, enhancing the storytelling of your celebration. These labels ensure that your Sweet 16 memories are not just remembered but cherished forever, all thanks to our personalised, Australian-made touch.

In essence, our Sweet 16 Birthday Party Spot Labels are more than just labels; they're your partners in creating an elegant and memorable celebration, personalised and expertly printed right here in Australia. Let your imagination shine on your Sweet 16 day, and let Little Dance be your trusted companion in turning your vision into reality. With these labels, your Sweet 16 celebration is bound to be filled with sophistication, personalisation, and an unmistakable touch of Little Dance magic

Make cupcakes toppers with them or use as a seal on envelopes, the possibilities are endless!