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Birthday Cake Edible Image - Ballet Party

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Personalised Icing Image - Ballet Party Edible Images Australia

Personalised Birthday Cake & Cookie Icing - Ballet

A very pretty personalized ballet birthday cake icing image with the name of the birthday girl on it.

Made in Australia

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Why settle for simple cake toppers or figurines on the top of your Birthday Cake when you can have your own personalised image for your birthday cake or cookies!

We print personalised edible images for Birthday Cakes and Cookies in three sizes, either cupcake and cookie size that are 5cm in diameter or a large 16.5cm diameter or an A4 rectangle icing. 

The cupcake & cookie icings come 15 to an A4 sheet.  

Using food colouring we print your customized edible birthday cake image onto a frosting sheet. 

A fast and easy way to turn a simple cake or cookie into a piece of edible art.






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