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Acrylic Flower Box Sign - Coloured Front

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Elevate your event to a realm of enchantment with our Acrylic Flower Box Signs, the quintessential blend of elegance and personal touch.

With their generous size of 425mm in width, 700mm in height, and 50mm in depth, these signs are the perfect heralds for your heartfelt celebrations.

Whether it's for the glowing bride at her hen's party, the radiant mother-to-be at a baby shower, or the newlyweds stepping into a new life together, these signs are your blank canvas. Choose from a pristine white or a deep black box, with over 50 vibrant colours for the face of the box to match your event's palette.

These signs are not just decor but conversation starters, with text that dazzles in acrylic for a 3D effect that catches every eye. They're versatile too, ready to be filled with lush blooms to complement both vibrant bridal showers and solemn baptisms.

Your words, your dates, your names—all can be brilliantly displayed, either UV printed or in bold acrylic, standing out with sophistication. Designed for hens parties, bridal showers, weddings, baptisms, and any grand or intimate gathering, these signs are a testament to your unique story.

Please note, the flowers and easel are yours to choose, allowing you the freedom to customise every aspect of your display. Our Acrylic Flower Box Signs are more than just a product; they're a keepsake of life's most precious milestones, waiting to be inscribed with your memories.